Incredible car aerodynamics resource… and it’s free!

Posted on June 28th, 2016 in Aerodynamics by Julian Edgar

Over the years I have bought nearly all of the major books published on automotive aerodynamics. In fact, a quick glance at my bookshelf shows more than 20 of these books. To assemble the same collection, however, will take you a lot of time and a fair amount of money.

But today I found an incredible free resource that summarises the vast majority of information that you’ll find in all those books.

The resource comprises the presentations used in the Master of Science programme at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the lecturer is Dr. Jen Miklós Suda, assistant professor in the Department of Fluid Mechanics.

Dr Suda appears to have put together almost every significant picture, diagram, graph and text snippet you’ll ever find on car aero – and it’s pretty well all in English.

It’s a simply extraordinary presentation. You can find the six downloads here – grab them while you can!

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