Family values and technological change

Posted on September 4th, 2008 in Driving Emotion,Electric vehicles,Global Warming,Hybrid Power by Julian Edgar

I’ve always been a little scornful of those parents who proudly proclaim their children’s knowledge and interests, knowledge and interest that are only a reflection of their parents’ particular knowledge and interests.


You know: “Benjamin can name all the players in the Adelaide Football Club”, proudly says the football fan – and stuff like that.


But now in having a child of my own, I can see that it happens rather naturally – the child is interested in what the parents are interested in, and that knowledge is transferred without effort.


So the fact that my four year old, Alexander, when looking over my shoulder at a book on cars that I am reading, can identify the old Citroens, Jaguar E-Types and Porsches, is perhaps not much of a surprise.


But this familial socialisation becomes interesting when you consider change, and the future.

When is an electric bike not a bike?

Posted on June 24th, 2008 in Driving Emotion,Economy,Electric vehicles by Julian Edgar

As electric bikes get more powerful, and lose their pedals, riders risk breaking the law. But what should the law be? Unlimited power? And how is that power to be measured?

At least one AutoSpeed reader is riding an electric vehicle that looks pedal powered, and looks legal in power, but is capable of at least 5 times the legal power output in short spurts…

When I heard of that reader I just laughed.

But if the law in its current form prevents people making use of efficient, low pollution and cheap transport, surely it’s in need of review?